About Us

BANTUG LAKE RANCH is a vibrant organic destination farm resort in Brgy. Alangilan, 13 kilometers east of Bacolod City, in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. We are proudly part of our province’s effort to become the organic food bowl of Asia.
The seven-hectare property had long been a family-owned ranch and fruit orchard. Eventually, we opened the place as a daytime destination resort, complete with exciting activities for the entire family or group of friends.
Bantug Lake Ranch offers a verdant respite from the busyness of city life. Being very near the center of Bacolod, locals enjoy coming here because it’s easily accessible. All it takes is a short drive and you will already be away from the urban jungle and immersed in the beauty of nature.

In the 1970’s

The large piece of land in Brgy. Alangilan on which Bantug Lake Ranch now sits was purchased by Abelardo “Junie” Bantug, Jr in the 70’s. Back in the day, much of the terrain was used as farmland to cultivate sugarcane, which was the lifeblood of the Negros region. Eventually, a portion of the land was turned into an orchard, growing lanzones and rambutan. These sturdy fruit trees are still growing strong around Bantug Lake Ranch today. They not only provide aesthetics but still produce a bountiful harvest. During harvest season, guests enjoy buying these fruits in bulk at affordable prices.

Building Success in the 20th Century

With the new generation poised to take over, it was time for Junie to pass on the torch to his dynamic, innovative and enterprising children. Junie’s youngest son, Michael, began poultry operations and contract growing with large-scale companies, such as Vitarich Corporation and San Miguel Corporation, in the early part of the century. After Junie’s passing in 2008, his children Reeda, Junb, and Michael agreed to convert a parcel of the land in Alangilan into farm-lots and socialized housing. Eventually, the Polo Club and Golden Gate Hills (socialized housing) were also developed within the area.


Today, the ingenuity of the Bantug siblings can be seen in the development of Bantug Lake Ranch, which is now widely considered as a serene retreat for both city-dwellers from Negros as well as travellers from around the globe.


The development at Bantug Lake Ranch continues so that we can offer you a better experience. Next year, overnight and long-term accommodations will become available at the resort. We will have different amenities for those who want to have a staycation as well as those who will hold gatherings for big groups, such as retreats and conferences.